Transportation at Airport Adisucipto Yogyakarta

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Yogyakarta International Adisucipto Airport is one of Indonesia finest airport with plenty of transportation option in and out of it. We as Yogyakarta Best Travel Agent and Adviser would like to write and review them.

1. Trans Yogyakarta Bus System

Trans Yogyakarta Bus system is the newest Bus system available in Yogyakarta, they are giving the cheapest solution for every traveler that want to wondering around Yogyakarta  Trans Yogyakarta is operating from 5.30 in the morning and ended in 21.30 at night.

2. Damri Bus

Damri Bus is one of supporting mass transportation operating in Adisucipto Airport. Damri Bus only served transportation to Magelang, Kebumen and Purworejo. Operate at 7.00 at the morning and end at 9.00 at night

3. Train

Adisucipto Airport is the first operating airport that connected directly with Train Station. The Maguwo train station have 3 main routes , there are Surakarta,Yogyakarta city and Kutuarjo. Operate from 6 am to 8 pm.

4. Taxi

When you arrive in Adisucipto Airport, you can directly connect to Taxi Stop at the outside of the airport. Please be careful to pick the one that you will use.Pick the one with airport stickers or you can pick Rajawali Taxi, Rajawali Taxi service is the only official Taxi operator in Adisucipto Airport.

5. Car Rental

For travelers that like to choose this transportation option, there are plenty of Car Rental Services around Adisucipto Airport. There is plenty of Car Rental Counter outside the main gate. you can pick them by yourself.

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